Doing Time

No, I am not in jail.  The One Minute Writers were a neat distraction to writing what I want but turned in to something I didn’t want to do anymore.

That’s not to say I won’t do them anymore.  They will still pop up occasionally as I write and decide one of them interests me.  Perhaps put a story out against one of them instead of just the one minute blurb.

I have trouble focusing my story and seeing where it goes.  I really should try taking a creative writing course of some sort but that would take more time that I don’t have.  I listen to podcasts about writing while I do other work and even try to write some while I can.

Hopefully I can put together a bunch of short stories and publish them.  That is my current end goal.  Problem is that I never seem to finish my stories.  I have 4 of them currently going and can’t find a plot continuation on any of them.

Someone is going to tell me to pick one and just do it.  I know that I need to.

New Old Earth.  That’s my pick.  The title is a work in progress and it was initially meant to be a larger story that will need to be slimmed down.  Hopefully, I will check back in with Progress reports on it.


The One Minute Writer: Sunday Story

Write a bit of flash fiction today. The one-minute timer does not apply.
Pick at least three of the following characters or objects and combine them in a scene. (That’s three+ total, not three from each, unless you’re looking for a challenge!)
An alien

A young child

A paperclip

This one is from this past Sunday but I figured why not….


Peakish was a prominent member of his race.  He had the wonderful job of introductions to new species to the galactic alliance.  Todays introductions were for a large water bound world called Earth by its inhabitants.

Peakish was not involved with the research on this planet and was not quite sure what to make of them.  He had been given a wire that was curled in upon itself as a token to present to the Earthlings.

When he arrived on Earth, he landed in a huge field of grass.  He was excited and curious about the Earthlings, so he slowly left his ship. He had gone far from his ship before he came across his first Earthling.

The creature was twice his height and wore a dress of yellow.  She swung another creature by its arm but the creature didn’t seem to mind.  t hung lifeless and limp.

“Mister Snuggles, should we play in the flowers or go to grandpa’s garden today” she whimsically asked the other creature.

Peakish gathered his courage and approached the female.  Holding forth his polished wire,  “I am Peakish of the Order of the Galactic Empire. I have come to speak with you in regards to joining us.”

The female let out a squeel that sounded like it may have been of delight.  “Oh my god, Snuggles.  Its a leprechaun.  He’s all green and small.”

“Hi Mr Leprechaun Peeggish.  I am Amy.  Me an Mister Snuggles were just gonna go play. What did you want me to do with this paperclip?” She grabbed the wire from his hand.

As she started to untwist the wire, “I suppose we could use it as a sword and play pirates.”  She grabbed his h and and pulled him behind her on the way to play.




Today’s Writing Prompt: Grandparents

The One-Minute Writer has a daily writing prompt.  Today’s is “Tell me about your grandparents”

I remember both sets of my grandparents.  I only have one grandparent left but I always enjoyed visiting them as a child.  My fathers dad was an avid rock collector and it always amazed me how many rocks and minerals he had collected.


I must learn to type quicker because 60 seconds goes by really quick.


I could write all types of excuses that I have nothing going on.  I have a busy life.  Currently listening to old PodCasts on Writing Excuses.  Started on Season 10 episode 1.


Only a couple in, but enjoying the writing ideas.  Maybe it will get my writing juices going.  Maybe not.

Enjoy your springtime and maybe I will post again before summer.

Its been a while

I have not written here in over a year.  I have started a couple of stories and participated in NaNoWriMo both in 2014 and 2015.  Neither story was completed but I have the basis for both stories still being fleshed out.

With that said, I am changing the layout here and making this blog more about everything rather then just what I write.

I may review some books I read or write some stories or story ideas here.  I might put anecdotes or jokes on here as well.

Although I am not a very talented artist (not even a little talented), I may even post some bad pictures for everyone to make fun of.


Here’s to trying to put more out there in 2016. Wish me luck

Almost a Month gone by

Its almost been a month since I wrote a post.  I have written a short story based off of one of my writing posts of the 12 days and although it is not complete yet, I am happy with it.

Halloween is coming up at the end of the week and then November comes.  Those who are writers know of NaNoWriMo.  This year I am doing it for the first time.

I already have a writing idea (fantasy story) and have started fleshing out characters and a storyline.  Now the hard part is going to be trying to find the time to write.  November has always been a very busy month for me so throwing this into the mix should be interesting.

Anyway, wish me luck in NaNoWriMo and I will post how I do.

Day 12: Not a day but a process

So, Day 12 was to take something from the previous days and polish it into something you could publish.  And that is exactly what I am doing.  But more so, it is is expanding on what I have written and making it more to what I want.

Most of what I wrote over the course of this exercise is associative free writing.  I was allowed to write however I wanted but had a specific thing that I needed to work with (a conversation, a line from tv, a sentence from a book, etc).  This was great for getting the old brain juices moving again and unblocking my imagination.  I think this may become something I use in the future to help me with my writing, all or maybe just pieces of it.

I hope you have enjoyed my twelve days and are going to try these yourself (if you are into writing that is, probably wouldn’t help to much if you are into auto mechanics).

For those who are curious, I began re-writing one of the excerpts I used for my twelve days and already have several pages worth of writing done.  Still have a lot to go on it and re-writes and polishing.   This process will probably take me a while.  I will keep posted of my progress on here and let you know if I get published (or self publish even).

Day 11: Write the acknowledgments page that will be placed in your first/next published book, thanking all the people who have helped you along the way.

I, personally, feel that acknowledgements should be short and sweet.  The people who helped know who they are and most likely did not make it to the acknowledgement page because they want to be noticed.

I would like the thank my family.  My wife for pushing me to write, my boys for allowing me time to write, and my daughter for being my very first proofreader and critic.

Thank you to all the people who played role playing games with me.  These are the people who have encouraged my creativity throughout my whole life.  Without you, I would probably have been pretty boring.